The first MASK & SHIELD face mask & PETG shield set produced Monster City and designed meticulously by 3DSmiths and Fonco Studios in Los Angeles and Monster City. Shown is the prototype of cleanable, washable even dishwasherable mask. When properly fit (directions included) this mask will remove 99.7% of particles larger than .3 MICRON. The mask itself is made from skin-safe shore 20 platinum cure silicone, which is both FOOD GRADE and SKIN SAFE. Its durometer softness assures a comfortable fit. 


The front white cartridge has a removable panel to insert the included 36mm x 36mm TRUE HEPA filter pack. You can substitue your own filter material, but only TRUE HEPA/MERV 13+ will remove as many and as small as .3 MICRON particles. Three 36mm x 36mm filter packs are included. 


These masks have been tested and approved for use at both UCLA Medical Centers and at UCI Health in Orange County, CA.


Currently, the masks are only available in green, blue, gray or black silicone and white HAPPY FACE cartridge a combination. More color combos and faces to come!


The shield is .060 PETG, uses FDA Approved flexible resin for the frame and has an adjustable elastic strap. You can see just how much substantial the .060 PETG is in the photo with the Bat Quarter.


You can use vinegar, 409, Fantastic, bleach, OptiCode or CaviCide to clean our shields. Do not use dry paper towers or napkins to clean, always use a soft wet cloth or microfiber towel to wipe off.


We currently have a backlog of approximately 10 days. Allow 2-3 days for Priority Mail delivery.


Check out our filter installation instruction video here:


Please email to inquire about quantity discounts above 48.


--WARNING-- These are substitutes for disposable face masks and meet strict filtering standards for airborne particulate only. The MASKS are NOT RESPIRATORS and can not be used for Chemical, Paint, Smoke or other filtering. DO NOT USE AS A REPLACEMENT FOR NIOSH/CDC/FDA APPROVED CHARCOAL FILTERED RESPIRATORS. 

Silicone Mask and PETG Shield SET

Color for MASK Only
  • Purchase masks in multiples of 1, 12 or 24. Email for price breaks above 96. Smaller orders ship in boxes of 1-12 per box.


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