Monster City Studios all started because of model building. Models of 1:87, HO scale models to be exact. We absolutely love building scale models, but there is a special place in our heart for model railroading. 


The "Brick Monster" is the development of combining high tech with good ol' fashioned scratchbuilding. It's so rewarding to make a building or scene come to life when it's truly your own. You know, when it’s not from a kit or birthed from someone else's creativity.


Our new BRICK MONSTER can help you do just that. Model builders have always been tasked with pouring plaster molds to make their own walls when they wanted something original. The designs of which are literally "set in stone" and not real easy to modify. The other problem is, plaster is brittle and likes to break if handled improperly.


We saw that wargamers and fantasy miniature builders have been using texture rollers to create whimsical bases for figures and tabletop games. It sparked an idea... what if we could do the same, but IN SCALE and for scale model builders? What if you could add windows and doors wherever you wanted? What if there were different, realistic wall textures? The BRICK MONSTER was born.

There are a number of companies out there making amazing brick and stone textures for kits, kit-bashing and scratch building. We are an ACCESSORY to those products, not a replacement. 


By using a high quality polymer clay and our rollers, you'll get excellent results. 

There’s three types of material we use the Brick Monster products with. Super Sculpey, Sculpey and high density urethane foams. These are by no means the only products you can use with your Brick Monster, just the first and main ones that come to mind. 


Super Sculpey (not original Sculpey) is an amazing oven bake polymer clay that is very HIGH RESOLUTION, easily bake-able and can be cut easily after baking. Sculpey is lower resolution, sticker and a bit harder to work with, however if you prep it properly, it can be used. The terra cotta version is really the one to use. Sculpey comes in so many colors, but using terra cotta gives you a pretty good base color to start with. High density urethane foam (not the pink or blue stuff) is usually yellow and available in multiple densities. Coastal Enterprises ( is a fantastic supplier. Their material is second to none. We’d recommend the 4 or 6 lb versions. We also sell our shop scrap at


We are assuming that if you purchase this product, you most likely are a fine scale model builder and have a bit of experience with building and painting techniques. These rollers aren't for the faint of heart, but the possibilities with the BRICK MONSTER are pretty limitless. Roll whatever size you want, just make sure to roll on top of WAX PAPER or BAKING PARCHMENT so the polymer clay doesn't stick to your rolling surface. You’ll most likely need to practice imprinting with nice, even pressure. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a perfect wall the first, seconds or even third try. You will get it, but just like with all scratchbuilding it takes practice. As you get better, you’ll find some unevenness in pressure can actually make for a very nice weathering effect. 


If you are going to use standard Sculpey and the ambient temperature in your work area is over 80 degrees F, we recommend rolling a slab to your desired thickness, then placing the sheet in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This will stiffen up the material a bit and help get rid of some of the tackiness, making it a bit easier to roll impressions into. 


Use of the window/door punch is pretty straightforward. You only use the punch to make “impressions” of the window frames, not to remove the infill pieces. Line the bottom and the sides up with the courses on your rolled walls. Make sure you make windows that are on the same storey even horizontally by aligning the bottom sill with the previously punched bottom sills. Push down pretty hard, and then slowly rock the punch back and forth while pulling up. With a blank piece of thin clay (less then ⅛”) punch more windows. You’ll bake these “blank windows” and use just the window lintels by cutting out and gluing these over the existing lintels in your brick walls. This will make them proud of the brick fields, rather than recessed. 


Bake at 275 F for 15 minutes (if you are using the .25” gauges)  This is the amount of time you need to thoroughly bake .25" of Super Sculpey. Once it's cooled, remove the wall piece from the tray with a plastic scraper to avoid scratching the cookie try or sheet.  After you've removed the wall piece, you can use a sharp X-ACTO knife to remove the window-infills or door openings. If you are using the opening for a door, remove the bottom “frame” also. You can also use one of the aluminum thickness gauges or a straight edge to square up your wall edges, tops and bottoms.  Parts can be glued together with any white glue, wood glue or even CA.


If you are going to make your impressions in urethane foam, follow the same instructions (just DON’T BAKE THE FOAM.) That would be bad.


You can paint however you’d like, but we’d recommend starting with a good flat gray “rattle can” spray primer then airbrushing on a base of terracotta colored paint (spray paint will not hurt urethane foam.) Use a really small brush and apply lighter and darker shades of the terracotta to individual bricks. The more random the better. We also use plain old DAP spackle compound on the whole thing after it's painted and thoroughly dried. We apply a really thin layer, let it dry then wet it and lightly brush away the layers that cover the bricks with a stiffer brush. It takes a while, but eventually the brick faces will pop through. To dirty up your new, bright white grout, mix a really really thin raw umber color with water and brush over MOST of wall. You can leave some bright white areas to represent where the mortar is newly rotting away.  


You'll get:


1 - 1:48 Scale approx 20’ New Brick Roller. 2.25” tall x 9” wide scale clay brick pattern. CAST RESIN


You'll also get the wonderful feeling of having the opportunity of making whatever you want!


We ship to the US and CANADA. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. 




The 1:48/O New Brick Roller ONLY