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Party Masks with some Updates HEY SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR FRIENDS! QUICKLY - Many of you first heard about us on FACEBOOK, but FACEBOOK is now FLOODED with adds for cheap versions of face shields. Trying to stand out with high quality products like ours on FACEBOOK has become tough! Please if you can, SHARE this email! Thanks ahead of time. You guys ROCK!

SMILEY DEVELOPMENT 1.1 & 1.2 The team is working tirelessly to pump out as many SMILEY masks as possibly every day. It's become a massive undertaking, but we can can finally see some light ahead.  Just so you know, each silicone SMILEY has to be hand mixed, degassed in a vaccum chamber, loaded into an injection cartridge and then injected into each two part mold by hand. It's actually a really cool process and we have a video coming soon on how it's done. By the way, thats just the silicone shell. We also have to create the Smiley "Spider" of each one by hand. We're slowly switching this over to machine molding to speed up the assembly, but as you can imagine, we have to fit in upgrades when we can and as we can.  This weekend, we added two new features to the SMILEY masks, and have implemented one so far. First is the addition of silicone tabs to help keep the filter cap in. Originally, the cap was held in by four small pins, but depending on face shape, sometimes the pins don't locate perfectly with the holes in the silicone and the cap can pop out into your mask. Well, to prevent that, all SMILEYS leaving the shop as of MONDAY, May 11 2020, had tabs permanently glued in place to keep the cap from possibly popping out. These are working really well. The pins are still that, this is just a bit of added protection. Secondly, also depending on the shape of the user's (you guys) faces, there can be a small leak of air around the nose bridge. To solve this we are installing SILICONE FOAM nose bridge inserts.  Both of the upgrades are 100% autoclavable and sterilizable. Neither of these fixes seem to need to happen to most masks, but we can help you out if you find out have either issue. Remember, we take your concerns and ideas very seriously and want to work hand in hand with you to give you the best product we can possibly offer.

MAKING MASK (or face coverings) a BIT MORE PERSONAL We are all dealing with it, having to choose to wear a mask or not wear one. We firmly believe however you want to deal with this issue, that's your choice. However, if you do want to have a mask that's a bit more your style, we may have something for you coming soon! See the photo at the top of the page? That's our NEW GLOWY SMILEY mask. It uses the absolute highest quality GLOW POWDER available anywhere in the USA. Of course, it's still fully autoclavable and dishwasherable! Also, like we showed last time, we have the LUNAR BLACKOUT model nearly ready to release. See that pic just above. We already have a bunch of Police, Security and Biker Gangs (just kidding on the biker gangs part, lol) interested in buying in bulk!  Injection Molding of Shield Frames Up until yesterday, we've been hand casting our white PETG Face Shield frames. As of now, all of our original shield frames are INJECTION MOLDED with FDA certified plastics. Our resins have been skin safe since the get go, but now we can make MORE much FASTER! What does this mean for you? We can now offer you large quantites FASTER than before. You might also save a bit on large quantities of 250 or more. 

Loupes & Light XL! One version wasn't enough! First we had the standard shield w/ 1.75" of clearance, but it was really tight for those of you who had an integrated light on your loupes. Then we did the dedicated Loupes & Light shield... with 2.75" but it's still a bit small for some of the larger lights... now we are coming out with L&L XL (looks like a early February football game name, lol) The is a whole 4" between the forehead/glasses plane and the rear of the screen. The one caveat with this one? You almost undoubtedly have to wear some kind of extensions on the side of the shield to cover the sides of your face... that add-on we're still designing. We are going to make it work for both Standard L&L and XL. That way you can purchase the same extensions for either shield type.  We have settled on neodymium magnets to hold the side extensions on. More on this in a few days. 

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