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Mask & Shield The Masks Are Shipping!

The day has arrived! We are finally able to start producing our Smiley Face masks. We started production today, and although it started with a crawl, buy the end of the day we were rolling! The very first mask to go out the door was a Slate Gray -- we were still running some color prototypes. 

The bright greens are being ran first, so if you ordered a bright green, you should be getting it soon. We've toned it down just a bit, as almost everyone requested we do so. 

If you absolutely HAVE to have a flourescent green mask, just email us, we'll make it so!

Next up will be the black and grays, starting late next week, then the blues. 

Here's a bit about the masks. They are all fully autoclavable except for the filter. The filter itself can be ran up to 200F for about 20 minutes, but as it is meltblown, will start to shrink at temps higher than that. The filter is made by 3M and is TRUE HEPA. It traps 99.7% of particles over .3 micron. We're selling 12 of them for $6, but you actually get about 20 in a sterile bag. N95s are NIOSH approved, but only trap 95% of those particles. These arent N95's and of course aren't certified, but we use quality filters!

The masks themselves are made of a very high grade two part Platinum Silicone that is made here in the USA in Easton, PA. Its very soft, Shore 20, so its super comfortable. Its food grade and certified skin-safe. The "spider" as we call it, the filter holder, is also made from materials produced in Easton, PA. It is also specifically made for high temp sterilizing. The non-latex straps are made in Arkansas and were produced in a run of 20,000 just for our masks. They as well are high temp and made for autoclaves. The best part is, they DON'T get tangled in hair! The buckles are powder coated steel and are produced in Los Angeles for the garment industry. There's 6 size adjustment areas on each mask, one at each buckle on the front, and one in the middle of each strap.

The molds are being 3D printed in the USA in Fresno, Los Angeles and Boston.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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